In 1985, I graduated from high school here in Arizona and decided to attend UTI trade school for auto mechanics, with my friend. Before we enrolled, my friend thought it would be a better idea to learn refrigeration instead of auto mechanics, which was taught at the same school. I liked the idea of learning refrigeration, so that is what I enrolled in. Ironically my friend did not sign up for either one. I attended refrigeration school from 1985 - 1986. Upon my graduation, I entered the HVAC/R field, servicing residential and commercial customers. After working 18 years for various HVAC/R service companies, both big & small, I realized there was a market for QUALITY service. Customers were looking for somebody who was FAST, EFFICIENT, KNOWLEDGEABLE, & probably above all, HONEST.

In March of 2004, I met my now wife, Lisa, who was working at a club in downtown Scottsdale, where I did refrigeration work with a company I was employed with at that time. In June 2004, I started Extreme Cooling, Inc., and I ran it by myself for the first 4 years, while Lisa continued to work in Scottsdale. In May of 2008, I married Lisa, and as the company grew, I decided that I could no longer run it by myself, so I asked Lisa to join me as operations manager (August 2008).

Lisa takes on the challenge of all the daily office operations, something she excels at doing day-in and day-out. I now take care of sales, training, quoting jobs, running the service department, and shaking hands and kissing babies.

Since working together, we have grown our commercial and residential customer base, put six trucks on the road, and recently opened an office/shop in North Phoenix.

We continue to focus on excellent customer service, always striving to provide same-day-service to meet our customer’s needs.

“Our Customers Are The COOLEST People in Town!"